Conceived and Produced by: Richard Reed Parry & Ryhna Thompson. Directed by: JF Lalonde & Richard Reed Parry. Filmed by: Richard Reed Parry. Motion Designer and Assistant Direction: Christelle Bellini. Performers: Richard Reed Parry, Corwin Fox, Stefan Schneider, Laurel Sprengelmeyer & Jordy Walker. Voice Over: Laurie Brown. Monologue Translation: Lyne Tremblay. Producer: Ryhna Thompson.  SAT Team: Louis-Philippe St- Arnault, Dominic Paquin, David Chevrier, Mourad Bennacer, Sean Caruso, Alexandre Auché, Joseph Lefevre, Marine Gourit, Sarah Delmorme, Maryse Bernard, Amélie Moise and Phillipe Duguay-Blais.